Reimagine W. 19th 

Want to help make walking and biking safer in the West 19th St area?

Want to help the local business community get back on its feet? 


We’ve received a small grant to help design and implement community-requested changes this summer to West 19th and nearby streets.  Our goal is to make the streets in this area better for people walking and bicycling, and to help businesses make it through the pandemic.  


We want your input!

What do you think the issues are?

What changes would make the streets better for you?

What is hindering the area from being comfortable for those who walk and bike?


Here's how:


Questions? Suggestions? Comments?  Send them to or leave a message at 714-367-6874‬.

Questions & Answers

Why West 19th?

West 19th has the potential to be a fantastic place for bicycling and walking to local businesses and community resources - thousands of residents live only a few minutes walk away from a diverse array of destinations.  But, because the street is designed for cars to get through as quickly as possible, walking and bicycling on West 19th and the surrounding streets today is...suboptimal.  We want to see if we can figure out a way to help fix that, and in the process help our local businesses recover from COVID-19.

Do you have a flier I could share?

We have a flier summarizing the project in both English and Spanish; a high-resolution printable PDF is available here

Reimagine 19th flier - eng 2.png
Reimagine 19th flier - esp 2.png

Can you really implement something this summer?

With any luck, yes!  Cities around the country have been rapidly installing “quick build” infrastructure using things like planters, cones, K-rails, and other inexpensive and moveable infrastructure to close vehicle lanes, slow traffic, and make space for people.  The advantage of this quick-build infrastructure is that it’s temporary: if things don’t work out, it can be changed within days!

How will the community meeting be run?

The community meeting will be held Monday August 3 at 6pm, using Zoom - register here to get a link to attend the meeting (registration and attendance are free). The meeting will be held in English only; we were regretfully unable to find a volunteer to lead a Spanish language meeting. 

How can I help?

We’re an all-volunteer organization, and we could really use your help:


  1. Share your thoughts with us: we know that those who live and work in the area understand its needs best, so we want to hear from you.  E-mail us (, call us (714-367-6874 - it'll go straight to voice mail), and/or take our survey.

  2. Spread the word!  We want to get feedback from the entire community, and especially in these times it’s tough to get the word out. Download and share fliers, link to our social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), talk to neighbors, share with your favorite local business, and/or whatever else you can think of!

  3. Volunteer to help: We need people to help us do a number of things:

    1. Spanish language help: Leading community meetings in and translating documents to Spanish

    2. Being on a “community lead” team that provides quick feedback on the design of improvements, helps as we pass the designs by the city, and/or helps with outreach as we approach implementation

    3. Helping implement our improvements - obtaining materials, doing basic construction, and setting things up

    4. Helping maintain our improvements once they’re implemented

What’s your timeline?

Community input on desired changes: now through August 5

  • Mailer to everyone within a quarter mile of West 19th between Harbor and Monrovia; one-on-one or small group meetings with community, online survey, and a virtual community meeting (Monday, August 3rd)

Design: July 13 - August 10

  • Using the community input to design temporary, quick-build improvements that could be installed this summer.  

Informing the community: August 10 - August 20

  • Second Mailer notifying residents and businesses of project details, taking feedback on the design and revising it

Implementation: late August / early September, 2020

What have other cities been doing?

With the Safer at Home order in effect, many businesses are struggling, and people are growing increasingly restless at home. Cities across the world have addressed this problem responsibly and creatively by repurposing private and public space that is normally devoted to the storage or movement of cars. This has been done in a variety of ways in a variety of contexts, but the intent is always to provide ample and comfortable room for people to venture outside for their own health and patronize local businesses safely.


See this Smart Growth America page on what U.S. cities have been doing, along with resources that we can use for our own community:


The National Association of City Transportation Officials has an entire guide dedicated to recommendations on how cities and local communities can respond to COVID-19.


From NACTO's Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery Guide

What has the city of Costa Mesa done?

The City of Costa Mesa has taken similar steps:


  1. On June 2nd, the City Council passed the urgency ordinance that allowed the expansion of restaurant dining areas into parking areas and even public rights of way. Pilot ROW transformations were proposed for W. 19th St. and Randolph St.

  2. On June 2nd and June 16th, the City Council allocated CARES funding ($750,000) toward CIP right-of-way improvements to accommodate outdoor dining and other public uses.


Where is the funding coming from?

The Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets applied for and was awarded a $9,600 grant from the Southern California Association of Governments’s GoHuman Local Community Engagement and Safety mini-grant program.  

go human logo.png

Who is CMABS?

The Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets is a group of local residents and community leaders working to create safer streets and a better city for everyone.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation that in no way represents or is affiliated with the City of Costa Mesa. Learn more on our about us page.

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Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets is a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Costa Mesa, California.