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June 21 - Updates

ONE METRO WEST. This is a high-end 7-story apartment complex proposed near SOCO that is currently undergoing environmental review. We don’t have a formal position on it, but want to make sure that if it is approved and built, that it is done well, and in a way that contributes to the quality of our built environment. The developers have been proactive with the community, and very enthusiastic about their plans to include (good) street improvements as part of the project, which will extend even beyond the project site.

-See Mike’s presentation here.

-See CC Staff Report here.

-See the CC video here (starts at 2:11:45)

-See CM Jaywalker's blog post here.

NEWPORT BOULEVARD WIDENING. On April 16, Costa Mesa City Council voted 6-1 to fund Onward Engineering to draw up a set of options to improve traffic flow on Newport Boulevard southbound between 19th and 17th Streets. The proposal is really for a new vehicular lane, though some of the councilmembers added to the motion that at least one option be provided that has the potential to improve vehicular traffic flow by means other than adding a lane, and that “alternative transportation elements” be included in others. When the plans are ready, the Council will vote on whether to move forward with one, or to abandon the project and return the grant funds to OCTA. We’re keeping our eyes on this.

-See CC Staff Report here.

-See Council video here (starts at 44:45)

-See CM Jaywalker's blog posts here.

ADAMS AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS. On May 21st, the Costa Mesa City Council unanimously approved a proposed project to improve Adams Avenue by creating protected bike lanes, new sidewalks and parkways, center landscaped medians, and restriping the vehicular lanes between the Santa Ana River Trail and Harbor Blvd. Potential configurations are being drawn and community meetings are on the horizon.

-See Marc’s presentation here.

-See CC Staff Report here.

PAULARINO CHANNEL MULTIPURPOSE TRAIL. On June 4th, the Costa Mesa City Council voted 5-2 to approve a PSA for community engagement and conceptual designs to put a paved, landscaped, and lit multi-use trail down the Paularino flood control channel between Fairview and Bristol. Designs are now in the works and community meetings are coming up. The first of many will be in September. -See Marc’s presentation here. -Sign the petition here.

-See CC Staff Report here.

KID HIT ON BIKE. Just before 8am on June 13th, a student was biking to Ensign Middle School down Clay St. when he was cut off by a truck turning right onto Fullerton. The kid apparently suffered some scrapes and bruises, but is okay. The driver of the truck got away. This was in a residential neighborhood with 25 mph streets.

CROSSWALK STING. On June 19th, Costa Mesa PD monitored driver behavior at the crosswalk across E. 17th St. at Raymond (in front of Pancakes ‘R Us). In just 3 hours, they issued 41 citations to drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians. The speed limit on E. 17th is 35mph - which is “usually fatal” to those struck, according to the FHWA.

CRASH ON VICTORIA. On June 20th there was a bad car crash between an SUV and a pickup northbound at Tidewater (in the middle of the hill up from Huntington). The pickup truck went across the bike lane, sidewalk, landscaping, and into a house; the SUV landed in the bike lane. Both drivers suffered “non-life-threatening injuries.” The unprotected bike lane is five-feet wide (gutter included), and sandwiched between 40mph traffic and an unbuffered sidewalk. This is a main route into Costa Mesa from both the Santa Ana River Trail and from Huntington.

-See CMPD post here.

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