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Join us Monday Oct. 21 @7pm to talk about making Costa Mesa's streets better for kids

This Monday, October 21, Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets will be exploring practical ways we can make the streets around Costa Mesa and Newport Heights safer for children.

This will be an active meeting where, after a short introduction on safe street design principles, attendees will dive into identifying problem locations near schools and proposing solutions to those problems.

The outcome of this meeting, or a future one if we end up wanting more time, will be a document that we can send to both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa with a list, broken down by school, of problem spots that parents have identified along with suggestions on solutions to those problems.

Everyone is welcome; we'll be meeting at 7pm in Orange Coast College's Ronnenberg Center for Sustainability, room 101:

Park (your bike or car) at the north end of OCC's Adams parking lot.

We'd love to see you! If you can't make it, but have ideas or want to learn more, please comment here or e-mails us at

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