Join us Monday April 20 @7pm to learn about the Costa Mesa Slow Streets Initiative

As we talked about in our last message, this is a challenging time. We've seen the world change around us in a matter of moments; streets are quieter, more folks are enjoying their streets as a recreational space, but speeding and reckless driving are rampant.

At Monday's meeting we'll be launching our first response to COVID-19: the Costa Mesa Slow Streets Project.

This project will be a grassroots, DIY-based effort to help slow drivers on our city's residential streets. At the meeting we'll talk about how YOU can help take back your neighborhood streets and make them safer for you, your family, and your neighbors. We'll discuss ideas for DIY traffic calming measures, talk about supplies, and how we can help each other get through this tough time.

Everyone is welcome - we'll be meeting in Zoom. Bring a friend and grab a drink to enjoy as we chat about making Costa Mesa better, one street at a time!

Questions? Contact any one of our board members here or e-mail us at

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Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets is a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Costa Mesa, California.