Community Ride January 26

Join Costa Mesa City Council Member Arlis Reynolds (and CMABS!) on Sunday January 26, 2020 for a tour of five Westside parks on a family friendly 7-mile route.

If possible, please complete this digital waiver before the ride; it'll help us get the ride started promptly :)

There's more information on the route here. The ride is mostly on off-street trails or low-stress residential streets, so this is a great ride for practically all ages and abilities.

Note that unless it rains (and we take a detour), we will have two portions of the ride that will be on compacted dirt soil (through Talbert Park and the northern entrance into Canyon Park); also, the northern entrance to Canyon Park is a dirt path that we will likely walk our bikes down. Multiple riders on slick road bike tires were fine when we did this route last year on the very same paths, but we just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

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