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Community Ride February 16

Join Costa Mesa City Council Member Arlis Reynolds (and CMABS!) on Sunday February 16, 2020 for a tour of the donut shops of southern Costa Mesa on a family friendly 8-mile route. We'll stop to buy donuts at each shop (no obligation!) so you can compare all the donuts for yourself. Come hungry!

If possible, please complete this digital waiver before the ride; it'll help us get the ride started promptly :)

There's more information on the route here. (note that the route is now 8 miles, and we will likely stop at 5 shops). The ride will be mostly on-street, with much of the time on low-stress residential streets (though a bit of time on Wilson, though we'll be a large group and will support each other!).

Here's a preview image Marc created from the test ride (where we just had to sample donuts at each shop to ensure the highest quality ride experience):

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