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CMABS meeting Thursday July 2 at 7pm

Join us at 7pm Thursday July 2 for a quick, casual CMABS meeting to hear and share what's going on and have a pre-holiday get together.

BIG NEWS: We’ve been awarded a $9,600 mini-grant from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The intent of SCAG’s mini-grant program is “to build street-level community resiliency and increase the safety of vulnerable street users, defined as those who depend on biking and walking.” The focus area will be West 19th St. Let's talk about how we move forward with the project - we're going to need lots of help to make this a success.

THIS WEEKEND: We have 800 traffic calming signs that we want YOU to help us put up around town. Contact Marc to pick some up for your neighborhood (e-mail for more details). We've got packs of 8 ready to go - pick up as many as you want!

STREATERIES: A handful of restaurants have taken advantage of Costa Mesa’s emergency ordinance, which permits an expansion of outdoor dining into adjacent empty space, parking lots, and even the public right of way. See our #CMstreateries page here.

Thursday's meeting will be held online - get the link by filling out our quick registration form:

Hope to see you there!

- The CMABS Team

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