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August News

Hello everyone!

Here’s what’s going on:

In-Person Meeting

We will be meeting on Monday night, August 30th in front of the Donald Dugan Library at 6:00. We will be having an open-air gathering this time. Join us as we meet again and strategize as to how we might accelerate the bettering of Costa Mesa streets. We'd love to meet you!

Bike Ride!

On Sunday afternoon, August 29th, Council Member Arlis Reynolds will be leading another community bike ride through the city. There are rumors that this is going to be an ice cream route. Stay tuned for details.

Concert in the Park

The pop-up bike lanes that the City installed for the concert this year were AMAZING. Those who were lucky enough to ride in them were reminded of how much an effect even temporary barriers can have on making biking a comfortable experience, and how nice it is to be able to ride side-by-side with friends. Feel free to send staff and the City Council a thank you note. It makes a difference!

Adams Avenue Improvements

On September 1st, the City will host a Zoom meeting seeking input from the community on potential improvements to Adams and Pinecreek (the northern entrance to OCC). Share this flyer!

A Memorial for Noel Bascon

The City has installed a bench and planted a tree in memory of 12--year-old Noel Bascon, who was struck and killed by a motorist while riding his bike across Arlington Dr. with his father last December.

Tragedy in Huntington Beach

Last Sunday morning, Clinton (74) and Claudia Silverman (82) mounted their tandem bike and went for a ride through Huntington Beach as they often did. During their ride, at Magnolia and Hamilton, a 30-year-old motorist struck them, killing Clinton and seriously injuring Claudia. The NextDoor thread is here, and it is tragic to read through.

What's Happening in Sacramento

Here's a quick update on some walking/cycling/transit legislation that is going through the state legislature right now: AB 917 Cameras on buses to enforce bus-only lanes from cars illegally jumping in AB 43 Gives cities flexibility in setting speed limits AB 122 Bicycle safety stop (legalizes cyclists doing the proven-to-be-safer practice of yielding at stop signs rather than coming a full stop) ^^^^ All 3 of these bills have made it to the full state senate and need your support AB 1147 Active transportation program for regional agencies AB 773 Gives cities power over slow streets programs and making them permanent AB 1238 Decriminalizes jaywalking AB 1401 Abolishes harmful on-site parking mandates around major transit ^^^^ These 4 bills are stuck at the senate appropriations committee For the first three bills, if you want to voice your support call your local state senator, Dave Min — his phone number is 949-223-5472. For the four bills in appropriations, the ask is a bit more nuanced: we need to urge Senator Min to work with the Chair of the committee, Sen Anthony Portantino, to bring these 4 bills to a vote.

What else can you do right now to help make our streets better?

The Caltrans Survey is still up! They keep extending it, which is likely due to a lack of feedback. Please share the link with your friends and neighbors, and on your social media feeds. This is for all State Routes within Orange County and the surface streets and intersections within a considerable buffer. Even if you’ve taken it already, you can always jump back in and add more comments - there’s no limit! For Your Reading Pleasure

Have a great week!

The CMABS Team

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