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2022 Costa Mesa City Council and Mayor Candidate Questionnaires

Below you will find links to the CMABS candidate questionnaires submitted by the candidates for local office in Costa Mesa.  The candidates have been listed first by the office sought, and then by alphabetical order.  Incumbents are denoted by asterisks (*) next to their names.  Photos have been borrowed from candidate websites with as minimal alteration as possible.

Every candidate was simultaneously delivered identical questionnaires via email. Each candidate was asked to keep their responses to approximately 300 words. All answers have been published verbatim as submitted by the candidate. 

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CMABS does not endorse or oppose any of the candidates for public office.  Candidates’ fitness for office should be judged on a variety of qualifications that go beyond their responses to the questions contained in our questionnaire. 

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